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Bharat Driving School helps you to lower down you insurance rates, increases your driving skill, knowledge and teaches you to come out of potential accidents smartly. You not only become safer and smarter driver but you also protect others on the road by following right rules and minimizing the mistakes.
This premier automobile driving institution was founded by an ex-army


man in 1960. By hard work, dedication, punctuality & efficient management, this institution has developed from one office to ten successful branches all over Mumbai, and has trained sucessfully well over 4,00,000 candidates as magnificent drivers. Our candidates are from all walks of life and we treat every individual as our esteemed client and impart excellent driving lessons. The candidates qualified through our institution are successfully driving thier vehicles and those who have obtained licence for service purpose are successfully leading thier life honourably and earning livelihood and thus have become a very useful person for thier family and to the nation as well, wherever they are at present.

The only school with a very efficient garage of its own and service technicians of its own to ensure that the mechanical breakdown of cars are for a very short period and also the vehicles are always in tip top condition.

Our staff are qualified, experienced, efficient & well trained.

Our terms and conditions are helpful & moderate.

Always Striving To Serve You Better


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